When you come to a Certified Master Photographer, you know we are subject to continuing scrutiny both of the quality of our photographic work, and also of our commitment to customer service.

Equally important, the MPA has a specialist pet photography section, and as an MPA pet photographer we also have to show our commitment to animal welfare and our understanding of canine behaviour.

Anyone can call themselves a pet photographer, but so many have not had the training or show the ongoing commitment to the craft and animals they interact with that our customers (human and furry) deserve!

I am very proud to be one of the photographers that offer that commitment!

MPA Certified Professional

I am very proud to have achieved Certified Professional status with the Master Photographers Association, the foremost body for commercial photographers in the UK.


At Lourdes Photography the customer comes first - whether human or furry - and our main aim is to make your visit and products special and personalised.

We are therefore very happy to have signed up to the commitment of the MPA Customer Excellence Charter.